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The BONIFACIO WINDSURF FREESTYLE PROJECT is not a classic freestyle competition.

Our goal is to show the true nature of what freestyle can be. Thrue some original and "never seen before" contest, the riders and the photographers can discover an other dimension of windsurf, between a trip/photosoot and competition, the concept could be the perfect scenario for a video game such as the famous skateboarding game "Tony Hawk Pro Skater ".

EVERYTHING every moment will be filmed by the PERTUSATO LAND FILM crew, they will follow you everywhere, all the time, 24 hours a day... we will be able to see the result soon after the event

SHOOT OR DIE: The best picture will be elected by the photographers, cameraman and crew

L.A. 21: Four crew of riders, one of each crew goes on the water, does a move come back, hits the next guy from his team who has to do the same move plus a second one, comes back, hits the next rider who has to make the two first moves plus another one ... the first team who forget or miss one move loose.

OUT OF MY WAY: A list of move, picked up by lottery, you fail, you loose

GET SOME AIR: just for the one who will stick the highest move

NEW SCHOOL BABY: just for the first one who create and stick a very new move

STYLE MASTER: the most fluent and stylish rider goes thrue the next heat, no needs to stick the hardest move if you have no style ...

At the end of the event, along with riders, cameramans and crew, the best rider will be elected ...